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Organic Residential & Commercial

Organic Residential & Commercial


Your business is our business, and as one of the best in the cleaning industry, we make it our firm priority to exceed in such. We believe office cleanliness plays a major role in productivity, so it's important to implement a clean environment for your employees, clients, customers and/or patients. 


....that office desks alone contain more than 400 times the amount of germs as a bathroom toilet? Let's take those numbers down! Our commercial cleaning programs offer superior cleaning results performed by our dedicated employees. We ensure the highest level of service for the places that matter the most. 


Hospital - setting the bar higher for medical facilities and pharmacies. 24 Hour operations service and measured inspections. Firmly abiding by OSHA and CDC compliance is the top priority. 

Cosmetic - consistent, quality cleaning that enhances, yet abundantly exceeds the current health standard.

Specialty Care - Control the amount of infectious germs within the surrounding medical area to better your daily environment as well as the recovery of your patients.


Desk Areas - routinely cleaning where you spend 8+ hours of your day.

Lobbies - appearance is the number one office characteristic viewed by consumers.

Restrooms - needless to mention the requirement for an impeccable oval office.

Windows - exterior and interior of the eyes into your office, and a smudge proof, streak-less clean shine.


Implementing Health Safety - It's more than just washing hands, it's controlling the widespread epidemic that is lack of sanitation.

Healthy Apples - Our programs are customized for what your school needs starting with deep cleanliness.

Danger Zones - desks, cafeterias, lunch tables, jungle gyms, restrooms, chairs: the daily environment of students.

Beating Statistics - countless children per minute are affected by unclean surfaces. Let's go beyond just the minimum health compliance.

Decreasing Contamination - no compromising quality while performing school cleaning.

On Duty Staff - our team members work hard to ensure the highest level of service is provided, especially where it is needed most. 24 Hour operations service and measured inspections.


Property Staging - preparing your homes for the best they've ever looked.

New Listings - Appealing new buyers is the first step to putting your client's John Hancock on the paper.

Sold! - thank and congratulate your client for the cleanest purchase of a lifetime. Our team will be sure they step into a comfortable and spotless home. Welcome to the neighborhood!


Lobby - inviting and relaxing is how we'd like your customers to feel. Their impression marks your success.

Relaxation Areas - common areas must be properly cleaned ready for your next appointments.

Shampoo Suites - dirty sink rooms is not exactly comfortable. We're well equipped for that.

Parlors - between hair, nails and mystery substances, it can get pretty messy. Clean is beauty.

Break Rooms - who says your customers ca be the only ones on break? Our team has it covered, and complimentary pastries are on us!

Windows - allowing potential customers to see what you offer without having to look through the dirt and grime.


Kennels - we love our furry friends and know that they're not the only ones who need TLC, but their areas do too!

Windows - interior and exterior service for your glass leaving your shop presentable and looking its best.

Play Time - our programs are customized to what your facility's requirements: during or after business hours.

Paw-eautiful! - perfect place for perfect paws. We strive to make your paw shop a sight for sore eyes.


Office Areas - detailed and working diligently, we are certain to maintain your office is pristine and professional condition.

Windows - your reputation will not be compromised when you have the shiniest windows on the block.

Showroom - the cars shouldn't be the only ones shining. Have it be something your customers appreciate when stopping by.

Floors - using the most efficient products, our team ensures your floors will be ready for the red carpet.

Waiting Room - or rather the anticipation room of a happy buyer! Clean and comfortable.


Dental Rooms - maintain sterilization procedures up to date with OSHA and CDC guidelines is priority. Our team is determined to excel in such.

Cross Contamination - we eliminate this very common issue. Hepatitis B can stay alive on hard surfaces for 16 hours. Our mighty, well equipped team catches and destroys germs on contaminated surfaces. 

Lobby - It is pertinent to allow your patients to be in an adequately cleaned environment while visiting you. ORC will guarantee their approval and yours.  

Supply / Storage Area - Organization goes along with cleanliness and is a must when in an office. We will be sure all areas are accessible without having to do an army crawl through your inventory. 


Lobbies - A grand entrance for grand people is how we like to keep it, and lobbies should be just that. From windows to carpet to wall decor and displayed props - ORC cleaning attendants will be detailed, yet careful when cleaning all areas. 

Restrooms - flooring, mirrors, dusting and toiletry replenishment are just few of our items of the checklist. 

Ticket Booths - thorough cleaning is conducted on each and every session. Employees will be comfortable as well as efficient in their squeeky clean area.

Theater Rooms - Sticky unknown substances? Dirty floors? No way to have your paying customers spend their movie experience in muck. We have it covered! Let's make it a more enjoyable movie experience. 

Food Court / Counters - Illness are spread through surfaces, and we firmly abide by this fact. Your counters will be spotless.

Office Areas - from flooring to desks, we ensure your job will become more delightful with a cleaner space.


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